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It takes someone with an independent spirit to be able to hold an Aquarius' interest. Because Aquarius individuals are the most intriguing, independent, and open-minded people on the planet. If you have an Aquarius person in your life, you may wonder if you have the right zodiac compatibility with them.

In terms of Aquarius compatibility, where does your zodiac sign stand? Can your horoscope or astrology, in general, give you the personality that fits well with an Aquarius? The Aquarius celebrity may be mainly known for one thing, but they generally reach beyond that. Aquarius people change the world with their innovations, creativity, and brilliance.

They are able to learn from their mistakes, and they rarely make the same mistake twice. Aquarians can be contrary just for the fun of it as they hate to be controlled in any way. How do you stack up with this zodiac sign? Here's the Aquarius compatibility for all the zodiac signs. Not surprisingly, Aquarius and Aries are very compatible and have a wonderful connection with each other.

They both like adventure, are very independent and have a lot of energy for trying new things. The problem is that they both like to lead and neither one of them enjoys taking a back seat to anyone. There's a lot of chemistry between the two, and both enjoy experimenting. Aquarius and Aries may be competitive with each other but a relationship between the two is never boring. Aquarius and Taurus are too dissimilar to be a good match. It would be one thing if either of these two signs were any good with compromise, but they're not and they're both stubborn, so if they get into a disagreement, it can go south very quickly.

Aquarius can find Taurus too possessive and too concerned with security to be a good fit for them.

Aquarius compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini click on so many different levels: mentally, socially, emotionally, and sexually. They are the couple you want at your party because they're so fun, interesting, and good at communication. Aquarius doesn't want to be controlled, and Gemini has no interest in being controlling.

There's no jealousy in this relationship even if there is plenty of passion and enthusiasm. Gemini is up for anything as long as it's not routine and boring, and Aquarius is happy to provide some excitement to their relationship.

Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini Are the Air Elements

They're both smart and creative so even when they're just having a one-on-one conversation, it's fascinating for the two of them. Aquarius and Cancer will bond over a love of music and a love of the outdoors. While Aquarius cares passionately about the world and its inhabitants, Cancer's concern falls more on their loved ones and people close to them. However, Cancer is way too emotional and takes things too personally for Aquarius. If they're friends, there may be a falling out when Cancer's feelings get hurt by Aquarius. If Aquarius doesn't feel that Cancer's feelings are justified, they won't do anything to repair the rift between the two.

Things could go either way when an Aquarius and a Leo get together. There could be a mutual fan club as both signs are popular, creative, and captivating. However, Aquarius may be a little too detached and distracted for Leo's taste.

Dating Compatibility

Leo likes to have their partner ready to shower them with affection and praise, and Aquarius may be too busy with other things to give Leo what they need. As both signs are their own kind of leader, there could be a power struggle between the two — Leo being a strong leader who isn't afraid to use glitz and glamour, while Aquarius is more of a social justice advocate kind of leader.

These two signs aren't especially compatible even though both are mentally agile and helpful. But as a fellow cerebral air sign, Libra will be able to understand what they are talking about better than most. Socially conscious Libra jumps in as Aquarius's translator, breaking down their new age ideas into terms the party guests can understand. In this way, the two air signs work together to spread visions of the future in ways they will be understood.

Most astrologers say that Scorpio and Aquarius aren't compatible, but, in fact, the two signs are absolutely vital presences in one another's lives. Aquarius is the water bearer.

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The myth goes this way: Each day, a man carried a jar miles to fill it at the well, turned back around, and journeyed home again. His vessel was cracked and dripped out water along the path. But the path was also lined in flowers, and the leaking vessel would water them, so they bloomed for generations. In this story, Scorpio represents the healing waters that Aquarius carries in their jars.

Scorpio is the psychic of the zodiac, in tune with the other world and spirit realms. Aquarius is the visionary, with the ability to shape the future.

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When they are at their full power, these two signs have an incredible capacity to work together as healers. But when they don't have a good understanding of themselves, they can become competitive with one another and jealous of the others' abilities. If Aquarius and Scorpio realize that their powers are different and equally valuable, they can forge a lifelong connection and work together to heal the planet. Earthy Capricorn may not always understand where Aquarius' head goes, but they are wise enough to know that they don't need to understand everything in this world.

Some people just come into your life to be appreciated, and these two signs definitely appreciate one another. Capricorn has a grounding presence in Aquarius' life. The water bearer can get too trapped in their head and spin out into anxious, looping thoughts. Capricorn helps them by bringing them back into their body and the material plane again. In turn, Aquarius can assist Capricorn with seeing the big picture. Capricorn can get caught up in the small details and the obstacles that rise in their path.

Taurus Compatibility Chart:

The sea goat spends their life moving up from the ocean floor to the peak of the highest mountain, and sometimes, they don't recognize their own ability to scale sheer cliffs. Aquarius sees Capricorn's full power and can act as their cheerleader, bolstering their confidence and blowing air into their sails.

Just as their new-age philosophies sometimes befuddle Capricorn, Aquarius is sometimes confused by Capricorn's diligent, stubborn work ethic. These two signs might be very different, but they always want the best for one another, and their mutual respect and admiration creates a friendship that lasts. Nobody understands Aquarius like other Aquarians. When one water bearer encounters another, it's a bit like what you might imagine one alien would feel when they meet a member of their same species.

There is an instant recognition and relief that comes from coming across somebody who knows exactly what is going on in their swirling, oversized brain. With other Aquarians, Aquarius can build a family. This is especially important because, perhaps more than other signs, Aquarius is usually the black sheep in their own family growing up. As children, they often believed that they had been dropped off by a spaceship, and dream of the aliens coming back to reclaim them.

It's not until they meet other Aquarians that Aquarius truly feels like they have a place in this world and that this planet was meant to be their home. By Cosmo Luce. If you're one of these five signs, then you are particularly influential to my fellow fixed air signs: 1.

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