Different houses in astrology

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Trine 1,5,9 - Houses of dharma 1 personal 5 creative 9 ore collective.

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They give as well as take. Jupiter and the moon are good in trines. One trine aspects all others.

Astrology Houses Explained

They are in the same element as the ascendant. More important for spirituality. Succedent - 2,5,8,11 - like a fixed Accumulation of resources - maintaining what we have.

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Income houses. Also mind self expression, 5th, intelligence, 2nd speech, 8th insight, worldly communication.

The 12 Houses of Astrology and Their Significance - oklezacu.tk

Cadent - 3,6,9,12 like a mutable give sensitivity, adaptability, high intelligence - but unstable, uncertain - mental or nervous problems. Good for spiritual development. Upachaya - 3, 6 10, 11 they are increasing houses. Planets in them give more over time. Mars and Saturn do well here, give power to overcome obstacles. Malefics do well in the 11th.

Apachaya - 1,2,4,7,8 houses of decrease. They lose their strength through time.

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Malefics do not do well In them, particularly the 8th. Dusthanas - difficult houses. Benifics good for intelligence, but disease. Rahu good for spirituality.

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Mars can cause death or harm. Saturn long life sans prosperity. Venus for prosperity.

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Ketu for spiritual capacity. Rahu nervous system disorders. The House of Self, this sign is known to have an impact on any health issues you may have experienced in life. As it is known as House of Possessions, it represents how well you manage your finances, how you value and earn money and your self-esteem. It also deals with your everyday activities and the environment that surrounds you like local travel, schools, neighborhood etc. It includes your home environment, your parents especially your mother, the impact of your mother in your early days of childhood.

The fourth house is where you can also develop a sense of security in your private place. It governs your self-expression, all kinds of leisure pursuits, drama, love affairs and everything else which includes some fun and play.

The Meanings of the Houses

Not to be confused with just romantic relationships, it even governs business partnerships, business deals, contracts etc. It represents sex, intimacy in your relationships, deals with death and reincarnation. Death sometimes can be just symbolic other than the obvious; the passing of someone. It also governs gifts and money through inheritance or maybe investments. It dominates the higher mind, the development of your mind and expansion of your horizons. This house also includes your understanding of spiritual learning, ethics and morals, foreign languages, luck, risk, adventure and long distance or international travel.

The House of Career represents your career and everything related to it including how to focus and choose the right career path, long term career goals, accolades, recognition that you receive. This house represents your father and the way he has influenced you throughout your childhood. It represents your hopes, aspirations and also your ability to remain happy. This house describes the roles that you undertake throughout your lifetime be it as a husband, partner, wife, friend or a businessman.

12 Houses In Astrology

It also rules eccentricity, sudden events, surprises, invention, originality and anything futuristic. It rules endings and is dark and secretive. Matters related to the psyche, prisons, hospitals are all a representation of confinement towards the unknown. Although it rules your creativity and imagination this is also a house in which one can drown in self-indulgence leading to substance abuse.

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Different houses in astrology

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