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Leo decan | Decans for Leo | Simha first, second, third decan

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Sun enters Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde Dates Uranus is in Aries until May 15 and will stay in Taurus on and off until 26 April What I have written below is merely a general description of the positive and negative traits each Leo decan Fire Sign is likely to possess. Remember, who you really are is also formed by your genes and the environment you are in. The life experiences you have had and where you are in the birth order can reveal a great deal about your personality too.

The glorious and majestic Sun bestows upon you a powerful combination of great zeal, passion and determination, which makes it easy for you to achieve outstanding success in everything you embark on, despite any challenge you may face in your life.

In addition to this, you are gifted with enormous amounts of creativity and have an enterprising attitude that make you well- suited to become a prosperous entrepreneur that has a money tree in his backyard. You can be quite an ambitious workaholic with perfectionist inclinations that refuses to stop or give up, and would keep going until your goals are met. You are, by nature, a confident extrovert that enjoys meeting and talking to new people, but because you are outspoken and have the tendency to dominate conversations, some folks may perceive you as a narcissistic attention- seeker or an unashamed braggadocio.

Strive to listen with patience and give those around you a chance to speak. Also, keep in mind that while being candid in your delivery is a mighty good quality, it is necessary to censor or phrase your words to avoid being misinterpreted by the narrow- minded and conservative thinkers in your midst. You are extremely loving and loyal to people you adore and respect, hence it is not a surprise that you are willing to spend your entire paycheck on pampering gifts and lavish dinners, or would do anything just to put a smile on their face.

Leo 12222 Horoscope

When they are happy, you are filled with immense joy. My friend, I ask you to remember that we humans, no matter how tough or smart we are, need a little helping hand sometimes — and asking for and accepting help is not a sign of weakness. It shows you are strong enough to realize you cannot solve every problem. In astrology, Jupiter is a benefic planet that is associated with good fortune, prosperity and abundance.

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  • Leo Decan 1 ~ General Meaning;

So naturally second decan Leo individuals tend to easily create, attract or find opportunities for a more radiant future. You have a delightful sense of humor that could brighten even the gloomiest of days, no wonder people gravitate towards you to hear you tell jokes and funny stories filled with warmth, charm and wit.

With the Sun as the overall protector and source of energy, this Leo individual is a man or woman of strong character and seemingly endless mental fortitude. Only when they feel discriminated or that an injustice has been done to them, would they drop all pretenses and become quite feral. Romantically, they seek people who can understand their needs and tolerate their outbursts, as well as imaginative and intuitive persons.

Frankness and all-out honesty are traits that a Leo appreciates the most.

Leo Decan 1 ~ Jul 23 to Aug 2 (0º -10º)

What best describes the Leo individual is the abundance and intensity of natural appeal, a sense of realistic self-worth and self-respect, and, last but not least, egocentrism. They have their eyes on the prey and will not let anything disturb their focus or keep them from achieving it. Leo Decan 2: August 2 nd — 12 th With Jupiter looming over their head , Leo-Sagittarians tend to be more-than-average in matters of intellectual capabilities. Physical or mental faculties like impulsiveness and arrogance will appear as a lot more sharpened with Leos than with any other individuals. Unrestrained and freedom-lovers, they hate it when others try to inhibit and limit their options, and while overly ambitious, money is not one of the main concerns for them.

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Instead, knowledge is. Furthermore, if there is ever a situation that is seemingly unapproachable or unassailable, you can be sure that a Leo will solve it. That sense of self-worth and natural arrogance has to go somewhere, right? And it does, in their relations with other people. Protector of the powerless and fighter against discrimination and injustice, the Leo-Sagittarius is truly one of a kind, the royal kind.

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When it comes to intimate contexts, these natives are best left to their own devices when feeling down. They will eventually come out of it, better than ever. As both dreamers and thinkers, Leo-Sagitarius individuals are really steadfast and determined. Besides the obvious willpower and ambition to set their eyes on the biggest prey there is, Leo natives also must have the necessary ability and strength to finish the job.

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leo decan astrology Leo decan astrology
leo decan astrology Leo decan astrology
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